My latest film can be seen here:

Florian from Andrew Gibbs on Vimeo.

My Shooting People Card is here

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Steff Lee said...

I found your film reviewed on animationblog. I really love the drawing style and the cut out animation was done really well :)

andre alves said...

Strikes me!
Your film is powerful, very beautiful.
Congratulations. Keep the great work

rous said...

i love this work. i've seen it on youtube, searching for some cut out's. I just love it. I think its because you used the right colours and the right actions to express how deep is the tragedy... its seems simply, but its not. thanks, i've cried. I'm a theatre director, and today I think that to show a good story is easier if you think in the small thinks, like a little bit of paper, and a lot of talent.

Rosa, from barcelona, spain